Who We Are

Quality dog training shouldn’t cost a tail and a leg.

We know that making a commitment can be scary. You’re probably wondering, can training help my dog? Will I, as the person, have the time and ability to learn? You don’t want to add one more thing to your already overloaded plate. (Hey, stop begging while I’m eating!)

At A Dog’s Tale, we understand your fears. We’ve been there as frustrated, over-worked, stressed-out dog people ourselves. We know you’re busy, so we come to you.

We offer a free in-home consultation for dogs and their people. Simply click the button below, and presto! An experienced dog trainer will be dispatched to your front stoop at your convenience. We’ll show you a couple quick tricks, work with your dog one on one, and come up with a personalized training plan just for you.

Mission Statement

A Dog’s Tale Dog Training is committed to providing dog owners exceptional dog training services at an affordable price. We believe that quality dog training shouldn’t cost a tail and a leg.

Who We Are

A Dog’s Tale Dog Training and Consulting is one of the world’s leading dog obedience training companies. Our mission is to touch the lives of both dogs and their owners.

When a dog has obedience problems the results are never pleasant. There are usually high levels of frustration, tension, and stress. A family never has the chance to enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes from a loving bond which is present during positive relationship between an owner and their dog.

That is why we provide step by step solutions, with proven techniques, which improves the lives of both the dogs and their families. Our team of professional dog trainers is dedicated to operating with integrity and providing cutting-edge practices that get results.

A Dog’s Tale training process continually provides obedience and a fulfilling bond between dog and owner long after the initial training. Our online communities will provide support with a variety of social media platforms to allow our clients to share advice, goals, training and experiences with each other around the world. A Dog’s Tale Training and Consulting is one of the country’s leading online dog obedience training programs.

Behind the Leash

Jake, Head Trainer

My Passion for dog training started a few years ago. I was working my way up in the financial industry with the plan to become a financial advisor (not the most exciting job, but it was steady income which provided for my family of five). Needless to say we felt comfortable in our lives. We had a really young kids so we didn’t feel the need to or want the responsibility of a pet. Our minds were changed in December of 2012. Our house was robbed. In addition to changing all the locks, our family decided to get a dog to help watch the house when we’re gone for the day. We rescued Lady, a mixed breed from the shelter and felt confident that she’d fit in with our family right away. We were semi-right. Although she took to my wife and kids, Lady was very difficult to handle when it came time to go for a walk. She would end up walking us and put a strain on the family, she was just soo naughty. We decided to call a dog trainer to help figure out what we were doing wrong and why Lady wouldn’t listen to us. I was awestruck from day one when I saw Lady come on command, off leash. There was a change in our family’s relationship with Lady. We finally had the dream dog we had always imagined us having. It was then that I realized that dog training isn’t just for the dog. It’s also for the owner. It’s about helping families come together around an animal, an animal they want to be apart of their family. I was hooked!


Since becoming a dog trainer I have trained with some of the best trainers in the country. This has led to having successfully trained dog’s with a wide range of personalities, and behaviors. Most importantly I have gained the experience and knowledge to help hundreds of families in my community.


Jared has created his own name in the dog training community. He has dedicated his professional career making sure that families across the nation can enjoy their properly trained dogs, either in the comfort of people’s home or out in public as a companion. Jared’s experience in dealing with a wide range of personalities, and behaviors, is a great asset to A Dog’s Tale, and the community.

Jared’s leadership background allowed him to become a successful Oahu Dog Trainer. He spent nearly a decade in successfully managing hundreds of employees and leading his organizations and businesses with great success. His attention to detail will help provide you quality dog training at affordable prices.

All of our trainers come to you with exceptional dog handling skills and enthusiasm with every dog they train. As you work with Jared, you will see that he will lead you to your goals while keeping you motivated and engaged.

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