Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it work for my dog’s breed?
    • Yes, these programs will work for any breed/mix and age.
  • What behaviors do you focus on?
    • We teach you the foundations of dog training including basic obedience commands like “come”, “sit”, and “come and place”. 
  • How do I decide which program is best for my dog?
    • (Oahu and Kauai Residents Only) We offer a free 45 min in-home consultation. This is a great opportunity for you sit down with our trainers and talk to them about the goals you want for your dog/puppy.
    • (Other US Locations) We can set up a phone/video call consultation at your convenience. This is a great opportunity to talk with our trainers about the goals you want for your dog/puppy.
  • What happens at a consultation?
    • You and your trainer will discuss the problems you are experiencing and the goals you want for your dog. He/She will assess your dog to decide which training program would be most beneficial for your pet. They will recommend private dog training that is based on your need and budget and you get a first-hand look at our quality training and relationship we can help you build with your dog. 
  • What if I have extreme behavior issues?
    • Although we DO NOT do temperament tests, our programs are based on basic dog obedience which most dogs respond to. ADT trainers strongly believe that you cannot correct something that has not been taught. Our programs are rooted in the theories of classical and operant conditioning which have been proven successful in 99.9% of the dogs who have gone through our training. 
  • What experience do your dog trainers have?
    • All ADT trainers are certified under the highest standards. Our training aligns with the International Canine Professionals dog training guidelines. We have worked with hundred of dogs of different breeds and levels of behaviors. We also keep ourselves updated on the latest techniques and pride ourselves on evolving as dog trainers.  
  • What is “Doggy Homeschool”?
    • “Doggy Homeschool” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s homeschool for your dog. It is the same exact program as our private lessons, but offered online through a self-directed curriculum consisting of six lessons, three days apart. You will have access to short videos (no more than 4 min long) through the Kajabi website which also includes homework (that takes no more than 15 minutes to do) with each lesson. 
  • What does the training consist of?
    • Both the “Doggy Homeschool” and private training focus on the basic principles of manners and off-leash obedience. We will teach you how to properly use food, affection, and toys to teach your dog/puppy, and more importantly, you will learn how to be clear and consistent with them.
  • Do I always have access to the training once I purchase it?
    • Yes, we encourage you to come back and revisit the training because each lesson builds upon the previous one.
  • Is my dog too old to train?
    • No, these training programs are designed for all ages. We’ve trained puppies as young as 6 weeks old and dogs as old as 13 years. 
  • Do I need to know anything about dog training?
    • No, all our programs are designed to teach you everything you need to know about the foundations of dog training.
  • What if I still have questions about the programs?
    • Email us at with your contact info and question. One of our trainers will contact you and give you the support you need.
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