Jake is the trainer we have been looking for for years. Our dog Ellie Mae was uncontrollable and sometimes aggressive. Now she can walk/run on a loose leash, greet strangers respectfully, and our mailman doesn’t feel the need to run away anymore! Jake has made all the difference in training Ellie to be the loving, happy dog we always knew she could be.

Lauren Klobucar

My dog learned more in the few weeks working with A Dog’s Tale Training than in his whole life working with other trainers. The absolute best part is that Jake is all about teaching YOU (the owner) so that you can take his training method home with you and continue to work with your dog. Could not over recommend this business.

Mike W.

I adopted two dogs and both had very bad behavioral issues. One even bit my husband several times and tried to bite others. I worked with another trainer but their bad behavior was still not resolved. I finally got in touch with Jake from a Dog’s Tale. I have two words: amazing transformation. I now have two happy and well behaved dogs thanks to A Dog’s Tale.

Nicky Alger

Jake worked wonders with our German Shepherd, Tara. She was spoiled and stubborn but loved and respected Jake. We are excited he will be helping our adopted rescue dog gain some confidence. Jake is 100% trustworthy and genuine.

Cathy Whelan Matsuno

They were awesome really were i was going to get rid of my dog and to them i didn’t. They love what they do and they do what they love I will recommend them 2 guys to anybody.

Joshua Michael Kendrell

Jared and his team are professional and trustworthy. They genuinely love dogs and are passionate with what they do. I completely trust him. He is patient and knows how to build trust with the dogs. Thanks for all your help!

Benjamin Um

A Dog’s tale is who we picked out of all of the dog trainers out there. They were affordable and super great. A Dog’s Tale was always positive and upbeat with the dogs which was much different from the other dog trainers we interviewed or heard about. We love our dog and she is a part of our family so we wanted the best trainers on the island and we feel that we got it. Our girl is an awesome awesome dog and they are super awesome trainers. It was a great experience. I HIGHLY recommend Jake and Jared from a Dog’s Tale!

Chris Kookie Wemyss

Thank you so much for turning my Ewa from demon to Angel. I’m so grateful. With all my heart

Karlene Rico

Jake has done a fantastic job with my blue heeler, rowdy. Rowdy immediately loved Jake and was eager to show him how smart he was. Jake didn’t just train rowdy for me but also taught me how to teach rowdy new tricks, which has made rowdy and are families bond grow stronger.

Mitchell Yarbrough

Jake and Jared are awesome! They took 2 unruly huskies and made them part of our family. My female (Nani) is completely off leash and no longer barks like a crazy animal at everyone who enters our house. My male (Koda) no longer pulls us down the street while walking and is over his resource guarding. He is also working on off leash as well. I recommend them to everyone!!

Jeaustine LaLone Larson

Jake and Jared are awesome trainers! We came to them with an alpha dog who did not listen when called, was aggressive as well as overly sensitive to feet touching. Now, all of that has changed and he listens to our commands and allows us to touch his feet. Also, he has gained the ability to sit on place upon command for upwards of an hour until we say the magic word, “Free!”, and he can also walk freely with us without a leash! It has truly been an amazing change for our family.

Jessica Wolfe

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